Feast Your Way Into Fall

We’re quite sure we have everything you need…Belfast Farmers’ Market continues every Friday, outdoors at Waterfall Arts, 256 High Street, through October.  In November, we move indoors to Aubuchon Hardware Greenhouse on Route 1.



Maple syrup for your pancakes, sausage, eggs, bread  and pastries for your breakfast,

Beef, pork, lamb, water buffalo, poultry and seafood for the grill,

Micro GreensGreens, cucumbers, potatoes, herbs, onions, carrots, tomatoes, micro greens, other veggies and pasta for your salad,

Wraps for anything you can imagine,

Honey for your tea and tea for your honey,

MushroomsMushrooms for your shish kebabs, sautes, salads and stir fries,

Humus, cheeses, seafood pâté, a huge assortment of veggies for crudites and bagels for fresh bagel chips and baguettes for your appetizers,

Sour Dough BreadBreads too numerous to mention for your soul, toast and sandwiches,

Yogurt for your fruit, smoothies and ooh so good to dollop onto those roasted beets,

Blueberries and blueberry sprinkles for your gelato and ice cream, which we also have,

And a huge assortment of sweet and savory baked goods for lunch, desert or just plain munching, both traditional and vegan/gluten free.

For those of you taking time off from messing around in the kitchen we offer chicken salad, smoked chicken,  gourmet ready-to-heat-and-serve meals, frozen chicken pies, a good assortment of frozen seafood dishes…not to mention just subsisting on goodies, cheese and bread and flowers.


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Overflowing with Choice

EggplantsVeggies, veggies, veggies–if you can’t find it at Belfast Farmers’ Market it probably doesn’t grow in Maine! Late summer and fall are the most bountiful markets offering everything from fresh herbs, greens and tomatoes to melons, corn, winter squash and root vegetables, peaches and berries, and as they ripen, peaches, apples and pears.

Check out our newsletter for deals, farm news, member updates and recipes. This week’s edition has recipes for Baba Ganoush and Tomato-Peach Flatbreads with Blue Cheese and Basil. You an subscribe using the link on the right sidebar of this page.  Find the archive of past newsletters here.

Here’s something from Peacemeal Farm from this week’s newsletter:

It’s time to start ordering bulk tomatoes and corn! $20 for a 20 lb box of imperfect tomatoes and $20 for a grain sack of freezer corn! Send us an email! peacemealfarm@gmail.com


Crepes Tomatoes

Here’s a peek at some other products you’ll find at market…

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Brunch, Lunch, Munch or Bunch

Scot CannonEach Friday you can grab a late breakfast or lunch, and listen to our al fresco Music at Market series. This week’s musician is Scot Cannon, a perennial favorite with both market members and market goers. Scot puts his own twist on familiar lyrics accompanied by an assortment of stringbrunch, lunch, munched instruments. You’ll find yourself humming or singing along Friday, August 18, 9am to 1pm.

Our twenty-five summer members offer a large assortment of possibilities for brunch, lunch or munch. Market has become a popular place to hang out with friends,  an essential stop for visitors from away and the place to get that locally produced item you know your family will want when they visit.


PLEASE NOTE: Many of your members accept credit/debit directly at their booths. Just ask.

We could use a couple of volunteers for the info EBT/credit debit table. Check in and let the  person at the table know you are interested in volunteering.


Market is the place to go for cut flowers. Check it out. New Beat Farm and Fire Flower Gardens have you covered.

New Beat Farm

Sweet Peas earlier in the summer at New Beat Farm

brunch, lunch, munch, bunch

Fire Flower Gardens has a bouquet for every color scheme.





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