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Appleton Creamery

11 hours ago

Love is in the air. The boys are Losing. Their. Minds. #bucksstink #mainegoats ...

17 hours ago

Pearlie would love to show off her pearl earring when you come visit for Open Creamery Day on Sunday October 7! #girlwithapearlearring #goatwattles #opencreamery2018 #mainecheese #mainegoats ...

Bramble Hill Farm 

Bramble Hill Farm added a new photo.
Bramble Hill Farm

3 months ago

Thanks a million Frank Giglio at #threelilyfarm for the generous pressie. Still can’t get over the shear size of it! ...

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Bramble Hill Farm

3 months ago


Carol’s Collectibles

2 weeks ago

Ten Tips for the September Gardener:
Click on the links for additional information. For the full list of tips, visit Gardening Tips for September.
Plant peonies now, but make sure the crowns are buried only one and a half to two inches below ground level. Planting them deeper than two inches may keep them from blooming.
Get a jump on next year’s lawn and gardens by having a soil test done through the UConn Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory.
Now is the time to de-thatch and aerate lawns to promote root growth.
Remove bagworm egg masses from evergreen shrubs to eliminate the spring hatch from over-wintered eggs.
Apply fall fertilizer to lawns between Sept. 15th and Oct. 15th.
Continue to water any new shrub or tree plantings until the first hard frost.
Rake up leaves, twigs, and fruit from crabapple trees and throw them in the garbage to help control apple scab disease.
As tomatoes end their production, cut down plants, pick up any debris and put dead/diseased plant parts in the trash or take to a landfill. Many diseases will over-winter on old infected leaves and stems so these are best removed from the property.
At the end of the month, dig and store tender bulbs like caladiums and tuberous begonias. Wait until dahlias and cannas are blackened by frosts before digging.
Keep herbaceous plant material located a few feet away from the house to eliminate hiding places for insects and mice that could wind up indoors as temperatures plummet.
Have Your Soil Tested for Macro- & Micronutrients

image013.jpgSend your soil sample in for testing now in preparation for next year’s planting. Our standard nutrient analysis includes pH, macro- and micronutrients, a lead scan and as long as we know what you are growing, the results will contain limestone and fertilizer recommendations. The cost is $12/sample. You are welcome to come to the lab with your ‘one cup of soil’ but most people are content to simply place their sample in a zippered bag and mail it in. For details on submitting a sample, go to UConn Soil and Nutrient Laboratory.

UCONN Home and Garden Education Center

Dickey Hill Farm

Dickey Hill Farm posted 2 photos.
Dickey Hill Farm

1 day ago

Chichories are sizing up! Escarole, frisée, radicchio plus bacon and a fried egg (running yolk of course). Yum. #eatyourgreens #chichory #chichorysalad #radicchio #escarole #frisée ...

Dickey Hill Farm posted 2 photos.
Dickey Hill Farm

6 days ago

Late summer meets early fall. Two frosts on the farm last weekend helped sweetened our crops up! @rocklandfarmersmarket ...

Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm & Yum Bus

2 weeks ago

Just a reminder - You can still find all of our baked goodies and sweet treats at the Bangor Farmers Market tomorrow, 9/8 - but Brock and Billi will be taking the YumBus to the 2018 Maine Cheese Festival. ...

3 weeks ago

Brock is getting set to serve our delicious TACO menu at the Skowhegan Craft Brew Festival! Tickets available at the gate - the YumBus will be set up between Oak Pond Brewery and The Maine Meal - see you there! ...

Highland Organics

1 day ago

I feel like I have not done a very good job of sharing more about this amazing product we make from Organic and Wild Maine Blueberries. This product is our Organic Wild Maine Blueberry Sprinkles. We offer our Sprinkles in a glass shaker jar so you can sprinkle these crunchy blueberry flakes on your salads, yogurt, cereals & of course ice cream! We offer Sprinkles at our Farm Store & online, or at some retail stores (see our website for 'Where to Find Us', including Wild Cow Creamery in Belfast. My favorite salad with the Sprinkles is an Arugula Salad with Blueberry Sprinkles, feta, cucumbers, avocado and a Lemon Dressing. Let me know if you want the recipe. So good!
#organicfarming #atasteofwildmaine #highlandorganics #wildmaineblueberries #organicwildmaineblueberries #highlandblueberryfarm #wild #maine #blueberries #blueberrysprinkles #salad #organic #supportlocalfarms #growyourownfood #keepitsimple #arugula #cucumber #avacado #wildblueberries #lemons #oliveoil #pumpkinseeds #wildmaine #maineblueberries #mainemade

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Highland Organics®

1 day ago

Peacemeal Farm

3 days ago

Pepper roasting in Bangor today 11:00-1:30. Stock up today because next weekend we'll be at the 2018 Common Ground Country Fair. ...

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

8 months ago

Screw the fatty cholesterol laden chicken wings. John's River oysters and littlenecks will be available again at the Belfast, Bath and Brunswick farmers markets this weekend. Just in time for Sunday's big game. Go Pat's!!! ...

8 months ago

Headed out to the Belfast Farmers Market soon as long as we can get through the snow bank at the beginning of the drive way. ...

Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery

2 weeks ago

Plenty of Everything today at the Orono Farmers Market! 8am until noon. ...

2 weeks ago

Last week of the season to get a package or our flour tortillas! After this week, tortillas are special order only with a minimum of 3 packages of a single flavor. ...

Springdale Farm

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Springdale Farm

3 months ago

Straight from the source. In Maine, dairy is always in season and local.
This June Dairy Month, we are celebrating the folks who support Maine dairy farmers by sourcing their dairy locally for their products. And because it is National Cheese Day, what better day to feature this partnership between Amy Rowbottom of Crooked Face Creamery and Carrie Whitcomb of Springdale Farm in Waldo. Amy has earned quite the following for her Gouda and Smoked Ricotta cheeses, and of course, great cheese starts with great milk, so Amy sources her milk from the Whitcombs' herd of Jerseys and Guernseys. Carrie is a cheese maker herself, making fresh flavored cream cheeses and a melty cheese called Queso Tencho, and she is working on a triple cream, which Amy can attest to as being "out of this world." Although they are in the same business, Amy and Carrie aren't in competition but are friends and supportive of one another and enjoy taking cheese trips together.
Making Maine cheese with Maine milk - it doesn't get any more local than that! #JuneDairyMonth #UndeniablyDairy

4 months ago

🇺🇸 ...


Suecakes posted 2 photos.

12 hours ago

Some NEW FLAVORS coming your way!!
* Vanilla Almond Whoopie Pies with Raspberry Filling
* Local Bounty Veggie Tarts with Roasted Delicata
* CarrotCake Doughnuts with "Cream Cheese" Icing & Caramel Drizzle
* Chocolate Lover's Whoopie Pies
* Quinoa Brownies
* Buckwheat Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies
Available at Tiller & Rye while they last! @ Tiller & Rye

2 days ago

Chocolate Cookie Dough cakes! being delivered to the Belfast Co-op momentarily. They go fast so hop to it. Happy Monday ...

The Maine Meal

Toddy Pond Farm

2 days ago

Our #farmguests this week get to enjoy the cows from their screen porch. #cowwatching #cowsonpasture #farmstay #monroemaine @farmguests #mistymorning ...

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