Credit, Debit, SNAP/EBT and Harvest Bucks

Belfast Farmers' Market Info TableBelfast Farmers’ Market offers one stop payment solutions for those wishing to pay using  credit or debit card,  and EBT/SNAP. Simply stop in at the Info Table, sign in, get a clipboard, and shop. Each market stall  where you make a purchase will fill in the amount on your clipboard. You pay  your total for all stalls by stopping back at the info table when you are done shopping. It’s that simple. Here’s a link about how to use SNAP at farmers’ markets.


Maine Harvest BucksWe also participate in Maine’s Harvest Bucks program. It’s a great way to double your SNAP/EBT food dollars. Harvest Bucks are issued upon checkout at the Info Table. IF you shop with EBT/SNAP, your purchases earn you $1  value of Harvest Bucks  for every $2 spent.  You get your earned Harvest Bucks when you check out, for use in future shopping.

You can use your Harvest Bucks just like cash when you make purchases from participating food retailers  in Maine. Here’s a link with info on farmers’ markets participating in this program. (You can also find links to farms and retailers.)

Harvest Bucks are redeemable towards purchase of healthy, locally grown vegetables and fruits and certain processed foods. Seedlings for food plants are also eligible in spring. Here’s how it works:

Maine Harvest Bucks can be redeemed for locally produced fruits and vegetables, either fresh or processed with no salt, sugar or fat added. (Apple cider counts!) SNAP/EBT shoppers receive bonus local fruits and vegetables for every SNAP dollar spent.

Maine Harvest Bucks are known as “nutrition incentives,” which increase the value of federal nutrition assistance dollars (SNAP/EBT) spent at participating farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture farms, and retail outlets that sell local produce.