Ode to Market Seasons

applesFog ensnares the morning sun
and leaves are on the car,
our root crops get much sweeter
as the geese fly fast, and far.

The sun sets much too early
and rises way too late,
but our farmers’ crops are plentiful
and waiting for your plate.

We stay outdoors with all our goods
until October blows on by
and then we go indoors and stay
while winter snowflakes fly.

We are At Waterfall Arts through October 26, then indoors at Aubuchon Hardware Greenhouse, 231 Northport Avenue (Route 1) on November 2nd and throughout the winter, until mid-April.

Every Friday, 9 am to 1 pm. Year-round.


Maine Harvest BucksFolks using SNAP/EBT benefits at Market can double their nutrition dollars by availing themselves of the Maine Harvest Bucks program. For every dollar spent, participants earn one dollar in Harvest Bucks vouchers which can be used toward their next purchase of fruits and vegetables at the Market. Simply check in at the Info table before you shop.

The Maine Harvest Bucks program is coordinated by the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets and funded through the generosity of foundations  and individuals. Maine Harvest Bucks relies on the time and resources of many wonderful volunteers.


Our al fresco music season is winding down with the two last performances:

October 5th, Dusty, Joanna & Friends
October 12th, Married with Chitlins


WATERFALL ARTS – 256 High Street, Belfast Maine. They generously give us use of their yard and parking lot every Friday for Market from mid-April through October.

Waterfall Arts was founded in 2000 as the Arts Center at Kingdom Falls on an expansive 11 acre rustic site in Montville, Maine. The founders and area artists came together to offer local arts experiences for all ages and skill levels inspired by the natural beauty of the woods, streams, ponds, and waterfalls on site. In 2005, the Mayor and City Council of Belfast, looking to re-purpose its 1935 Anderson Elementary School, encouraged Waterfall Arts to expand from Montville and establish a year-round arts center in downtown Belfast. Today, Waterfall Arts is a vibrant, nonprofit, community art venue committed to its mission “to create community in harmony with nature through the transformative power of the arts.”

AUBUCHON HARDWARE231 Northport Avenue, Belfast Maine. Aubuchon generously allows us to occupy their greenhouse from November through mid-April. What could be better than to do your hardware store errands and get your groceries all in one stop?

Aubuchon has everything you need from that wheelbarrow or chainsaw to organic fertilizer, seeds and supplies, tools, pet products and lush plants during the growing season. From faucet washers to air filters for your lawnmower, they have you covered.


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