Seedlings, Seedlings, Seedlings


Belfast Farmers’ Market is participating in the SNAP Grows Gardens program again this season. Food plant seedlings are eligible for purchase under the guidelines of the SNAP nutrition incentive. The Market offers a wide range of vegetable and herb seedlings qualifying for the program. More information may be found at Members also offer a wide selection of annual flowers, perennials, shrubs and tubers for the flower gardener. Open every Friday, 9 am to 1 pm, in the yard at Waterfall Arts, 256 High Street, Belfast. SNAP and EBT are accepted market-wide on purchases of qualifying food and seedlings.

It’s planting time. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find at Market. For all the up-to-date, you really should subscribe to our newsletter. See the right sidebar for signup. Here’s a link to this week’s edition. May 16 Newsletter.

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