Ode to The Market

Cheese and Crackers
bread and jam
tea and scones
and squash for the pie?
Where will I find them,
you say with a sigh.

We have what you seek
in these last few weeks
when those holiday meals
come nipping at your feet.

We have nearly everything
but the butter for your bread.

What was that you said?
Fruit and yogurt?
Yes, we do,
and carrots and onions
for your winter stew.

We have honey and syrup
for your sweet-tooth too.

We have sausage and eggs,
meat and potatoes,
and ready to eat meals
so cool those heels!

You want to cook
a special dish?
We have you covered
with the freshest fish.

Energy flagging,
you want a lift?
Munch an energy gem
and get your wish.

What you say,
you wanted brunch?
Try crepes from the griddle
or soup from the kettle
(it’s all in the greenhouse)
and call it lunch.

Belfast Farmers’ Market – The Original

Open every Friday, 9am to 1pm in the Greenhouse at Aubuchon Hardware, Route 1 Belfast Maine. We keep on going through the winter. Check it out.



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