Blueberry Glaze Recipe from Burke Hill Farm

Burke Hill Blueberries

Burke Hill Farm Blueberries at Summer Market 2013

Blueberry Glaze
Excellent on grilled pork or shrimp

Oil or bacon grease
Onions or shallots
Frozen wild blueberries
Red wine- blueberry wine if you know where to find it
Salt and pepper

Cook onions in oil or grease for a few minutes.  Add garlic.  Cook a  few more minutes.  Add some wine, and scrape the pan with the wine.  Add a pile of blueberries.  Have a glass of wine while the blueberries cook.  After all, the bottle is already open, no sense in letting it sit.  When everything is all bubbly and thick, throw it in a blender and grind it up.  Salt and pepper to taste.


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