August Coming on Fast

CARROTSWith July on the wane and some recent rain, produce options are increasing at market every week. Vegetables are becoming plentiful enough to think about putting food by for winter, something hard to imagine with Wednesday’s forecast of 90° temperatures.

My favorite cook book for New England produce is The Victory Garden Cookbook. Back in the 1980’s when I worked for Wilson Farms in Lexington Massachusetts, we had the launch party for the first edition publication of this comprehensive book. It’s an invaluable reference on harvesting, cooking and preserving locally produced vegetables.

Scot Cannon

Scot Cannon will be performing Friday, August 31. photo courtesy of

Wild blueberries can’t be too far off, corn, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants will start to roll in, adding color to the menu, in addition to all the greens, beans and summer squash, carrots, broccoli, garlic, onions and more are coming into market. There isn’t much in the way of Maine grown fruits and vegetables that you can’t find at the Belfast Farmers’ Market. Fresh, local, in season. Nothing trucked in from warmer climates here.


Scott Canon will be playing at market this week.

Some day soon Kevin of Hubbard Brook Farm will be offering those peaches to die for that he grows out in Unity.


maine-mealMarket offers a fine selection of ready to heat and serve meals. Check out Maine Meal, Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood & Maine-ly Poultry for their offerings. On any Friday, you might find main dishes from crab cakes and chicken pie to pasta alfredo.

Speaking of putting food by, here is my family recipe for Kosher Garlic Dill Pickles

pickling-cukesNOTE: We always called them kosher, on account of the salt we used. My old family recipe does call for alum and I never cut off the blossom end as is recommended these days. Also, this recipe was from the days when we weren’t as paranoid about food contamination as folks are now. I never refrigerated these, but you probably should. I’m including this recipe for reference, and make no claims about the safety of this method. Please do your own research. A great place to start is this article from Penn State Extension . It addresses how to make crispy pickles, and answers the alum and blossom end issues among other tidbits. The Internet is full of pickle recipes.


Soak cukes over night in cold water  ( I always wash them in cold water and rub off the spines before soaking)

For 1 quart of pickles you will need:

1/8 tsp alum
1 – 2 cloves garlic
2 heads fresh dill with seeds
1 small hot red pepper
a grape leaf


For 6 – 8 quarts of pickles. Bring this to a boil in a stainless steel or enamel kettle:

4 c. white  vinegar
3 c. water
1 c. kosher salt, the rough kind

Prepare your jars by submerging in water and simmering for ten minutes, hold in hot water until ready to use. You will want to pack and seal the jars one at a time to keep the jars hot for sealing.

Pour in some brine, add the ingredients list,  placing the  grape leaf over the top of the pickles and add liquid to cover at least a half inch. Cover and store in a cool dark place at least 6 weeks.

Crêpes - Enchanted KitchenLast Sunday was Open Farm Day and several members participated. Billi Barker, Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm got some fantastic publicity from Channel 7 News. You can check it out  if you missed visiting her farm in St. Albans. Looks like it was a rain or shine success.


Hubbard Brook Farm Baskets

Baskets from Hubbard Brook Farm & Baskets

Barbara Walch Pottery

Barbara Walch Pottery at Fire Flower Gardens

Market is more than produce, fruit, meat and seafood. The following members offer hand made items and value added foodstuff that would make great gifts.

Half Moon Farm – wreaths, catnip and other herbal items, dried seasonal bouquets, hand carved wooden utensils, jams, chutneys, pickles.

Hubbard Brook Farm & Baskets – hand woven baskets of all types, jams, jellies and preserves.

good-karma yarn

Good Karma Farm yarns and soap

Fire Flower Gardens – hand built functional pottery vases, spoons, bowls and trays

Appleton Creamery – Sisters Goats Milk Soap

Gardiner’s Honey & Pollination – honey, hand cream and beeswax candles

Freyenhagen Family Farm – Maply syrup and maple products

Good Karma Farm – yarn and soaps

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High Season

So much is happening you simply must sign up to receive the Belfast Farmers’ Market Newsletter. This week’s edition is packed full of information about what to expect at market, and more. You may read it here, but please, do sign up and get your own copy delivered to your inbox every week. Sign up is on the right sidebar of this, or any page on the Belfast Farmers’ Market website.


Click on any image for a mouth-watering slide show! This is just to whet your palate. There is so much more.



Photo courtesy of Colin Graebert’s Facebook Page

Colin Graebert (great write up in the newsletter about Colin, you really should subscribe) will be performing jazz keyboard. If you went to the Maine Celtic Celebration this past weekend and caught one of  The Galley Rats’ performances, then you already know Colin. He’s also the fiddler and lead vocalist for that band. He may have The Galley Rats new CD at market, if you missed purchasing one.

In his Market appearance, Graebert, who is an accomplished and versatile musician, will be offering mellow keyboard jazz. He has played at market numerous times, and his music wafts through the outdoor space adding an additional note to the fresh medley of locally produced baked goods and farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

FOOD DEMOS: Chef Frank Giglio will be doing food demos on the hour. See this post for more informationd on Chef Giglio and what he’s all about.

Russell Kahn Art with KidsRussell Kahn, Art with Kids is on the schedule again this week. I’m not 100% certain of this, given the other two guests. You’ll just have to wander down to Market and find out for yourselves. Kahn is always a favorite with the kds.


Member News

• Toddy Pond Farm will NOT be at Market Friday, July 24.

• Monro Cheese Studio will have plenty of yogurt, sourdough bread and cheese and will NOT be at Market Friday, July 31.

• Still plenty of color for the July garden, see Carol’s Collectibles

Open Farm Day, Sunday July 26, 2015

This event organized by the Maine Dept. of Agriculture offers an opportunity to get close to the source of fresh locally produced food.See this pdf for a list of the statewide participating farms and schedule. The Get Real, Get Maine site has this to say:

Open Farm Day is an annual family adventure in which farms throughout the State of Maine open their gates to offer the public an opportunity to learn about the business of agriculture.

Many farms will have demonstrations, displays, farm-raised products for sale and animals and crops to experience. Activities may include barn and field tours, milking, hay rides, petting zoos, nature trails, beautiful scenery, samples for tasting and refreshments.

Belfast Farmers’ Market members participating in this year’s Open Farm Day are:

Brae Maple Farm – Union
Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm – St. Albans
ME Water Buffalo Co – Appleton
Savage Oakes Winery – Union
Toddy Pond Farm – Monroe

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Market Day in July


Belfast Bay Fiddlers

Belfast Bay Fiddlers

Market will be serenaded by the lively tunes of the Belfast Bay Fiddlers, always a fun time. Grab some friends and head on out to Market for a picnic lunch. You can find plenty of ready to eat goodies right there including blueberry tea, lemonade, fresh crepes, cheese and breads, humus, pickles, yogurt, berries in season, ice cream, popsicles, crustata and focaccia, hand pies and of course all those yummy fresh veggies along with the sweet and savory baked goods. Gluten free or vegan? No problem, you can find that too. We even have blueberry sprinkles for your salad,  ice cream or yogurt!


[ Editor’s note: Frank double booked for today, and did not show at market. He may reschedule the July demo. We’ll let you know when.]

Chef Frank Giglio at Market

Chef Frank Giglio offers up samples of spring greens pesto on cucumber slices during his June cooking demonstration.

Chef Frank Giglio will offer another of his innovative food demonstrations today. His goal is to whip up a few things using whatever he finds in season. He’s passionate about farm-to-table food and menus that use fresh local food the year round. Giglio offers these demos at Market on the third Friday of the month through October. You can read more about him and his June gig in this post.

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If you got our newsletter this week you might already have your menu planned for fresh halibut because  Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood sent this news item in:


Pemaquid Lobster & Fish is expecting to bring another one of these to market this week. Come early for the best cuts. We generally sell out before the market ends.

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I have a vast collection of photos of all the good stuff you will find at the Belfast Farmers’ Market. Here is my collection from a Friday in July. Click on any image to enlarge and view the show.

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