Don’t Let Winter Stop You

Plymouth Pond Pastry

Dried cranberry apricot Palmers with bittersweet chocolate. Special for Valentine’s Day. Today at the Belfast Farmers Market. Plymouth Pond Farm Bakery


Appleton Creamery Cheese

Forget about winter for a few minutes and instead turn your thoughts to love and local goodness. The sun is shining and the members of the Belfast Farmers’ Market have whipped up some special treats right in time for Valentine’s Day.  Check out Appleton Creamery, Plymouth Pond Farm Bakery and Half Moon Farm.
Appleton Creamery Fiona's  FudgeWreath-Half Moon Farm




Peacemeal Farm shared this in our most recent newsletter:

Peacemeal Farm Serving SuggestionYou may have noticed our potato varieties are dwindling, but don’t worry, we have plenty of Adirondack Reds left for Valentine’s Day.  They are red skinned with a beautiful pink flesh and lend themselves well to roasting or salads.    For your special meal this Saturday, try a warm potato salad garnished with red onions and pink watermelon radishes.  If potato salad isn’t your style, try watermelon radishes, carrots, cabbage and fresh sprouts wrapped in nori.  Our eight year old put this dish together, took the photo and proceeded to polish off several wraps.

from Appleton Creamery:

Appleton Creamery FudgeAppleton Creamery has created heart-shaped goat milk fudge for Valentine’s Day. Shop early — these will go fast! Also available, heart-shaped Camella, a camembert-style cow cheese with edible flower petals in the rind.

from Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery:

In addition to our regular fare, Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery will be bringing our hearth-baked Toasted sunflower, sesame, and flax seed sourdough bread, as well as a special treat for Valentines Day…Dried cranberry and apricot Palmier with a drizzle of bittersweet chocolate.

from Half Moon Farm:

Beautiful handcrafted wreaths from Half Moon Farm make unique Valentines Day gifts!

from Highland Organics

Highland Organics

We are at the Belfast Farmers’ Market today from 9-1 @ Aubuchon Hardware! We have frozen organic blueberries and hot teas.

Our newsletter also had this from Savage Oaks Winery:

At Savage Oakes, while everyone is digging out, we’ve been busy working in the winery. This picture is looking into a tank of wine. The dark red is the wine, the light red is tartrate crystals. By cold stabilizing our wine (opening the winery windows) it takes the crystals out of suspension Savage Oaks Wineryand leaves them on the walls and bottom of the tank rather than in the bottom of your bottle.

So, what are tartrate crystals?

Ever pull a cork on a bottle of wine and see what looked like broken glass glued to the bottom of the cork or in the bottom of your glass? Some people get freaked out about it, but the fact is, it’s totally harmless.
Tartrates, affectionately known by industry professionals as “wine diamonds”, are tiny, crystalline deposits that occur in wines when potassium and tartaric acid, both naturally occurring products of grapes, bind together to form a crystal. Tartrates are scientifically known as potassium bitartrate, which is the same thing as cream of tartar used in cooking. They are completely harmless and natural.

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Greetings – No Market Friday Dec. 26

A reminder that there will be no Market Friday after Christmas, but  our members will be back at it the day after New Years, every Friday 9 to 1.

Happy HolidaysHere are Holiday Greetings  from last week’s newsletter.

All the farmers at the market wish all our friends and customers a happy and healthy holiday season.

** Fire Flower Farm
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year
from Fire Flower Garden and Pottery!
The solstice is near! Here are best wishes looking forward to a good growing season in 2015.
Plans for next year’s flowers are under way, consider a few dahlias for late summer spectacular blooms in your gardens. See you in the spring.

** Enchanted Kitchen
Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm will have treats for your holiday stocking stuffers and gifts~ our biscotti are fabulous for this….we will also have our all Maine and organic sriracha bottled up!  If you don’t want to shop hungry, stop over for a steamy hot made to order crêpe with Maine ingredients~
See you at market!!

** Highland Organics

Looks like Frosty the Snowman will be coming to market with some great gift giving ideas for you. Come check out what he has to offer! We have new tea flavors made with our blueberry tea and we are offering sustainably and ethically harvested chaga teas. We have Chaga & Lemon Verbena Tea Bags and Blueberry, Chaga, Cinnamon Tea Bags to name a couple.  Come check out our variety packs, they make great gifts too. We also have our own Chaga Skin Cream! I whip a chaga concoction into 2 different oil bases of highest quality oils and I use my own bees wax with fun essential oils. Flavors like peppermint, orange, lemon and real Madagascar vanilla!  And of course we will have our frozen organic blueberries on hand. See you at the market!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our farm to you. Thank you for supporting our campaign for REAL FOOD and TEA FOR REAL PEOPLE in 2014. We look forward to serving you and your family and friends again in 2015!

** Peacemeal Farm
Give the gift of organic veggies this year!  There aren’t many gifts as useful as healthy food.  Some ideas for that special someone include bags of dry beans, potatoes, carrots or onions.  How about a favorite winter squash or two?  If you can’t decide on a specific storage vegetable gift, we will have gift certificates that can be used at market next year.

** Half Moon Farm
Wishing all of our wonderful customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
If you need a last minute gift or hostess gift consider us!  John’s hand carved wooden utensils are the perfect gift for any cook.  All cook’s appreciate them from beginners to seasoned long timers.
We ship our jams, jellies, fruit butters and chutneys all year long so it’s never too late.  We do not charge for packing so your cost includes only the usual shelf price of our products plus priority maishipping which takes only three business days to arrive.

** Plymouth Pond Farm
We are planning on having plenty of our regular items this Friday as well as a limited supply of Christmas Stollen,  Challah, and Swedish Tea Rings.

** New Beat Farm
Happy Holidays from New Beat!
What better way to celebrate and give thanks to the bounty of what the season has provided for us than with a nice roasted leg of lamb! Our lamb spent the whole season grazing on our lush pastureland, rotationally grazed to keep them, and our fields, healthy and free of conventional wormers and antibiotics. Enjoy this truly solar powered protein and taste the green of summer! Along with our lamb we will have a whole bunch of great root veggies to roast alongside you lamb or other dishes. We also will have our lovely Flowersprouts again this week as well as the last of our Hakurei Salad Turnips!  See you Friday!

** Brae Maple Farm
New needle felted ornaments from Brae Maple Farm.  Snowmen with lobster, sheep or garden tools.

** Appleton Creamery
Check out our cheesy Christmas Tree! We still have plenty of Camdenbert in small rounds and full wheels, in goat or cow milk, for your holiday entertaining. Also, this will be the last week for Granite Kiss, Sennebec, grape leaf rounds,  and aged chèvre, as the goats are drying off for their winter maternity leave. We still have plenty of cheese aging on the shelves and stockpiled in the freezer, but some varieties won’t make a reappearance until spring!
See you at market!

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Maine Made Gifts

Hand made from Belfast Farmers Market

A  Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market montage of some Maine made gift items that will travel well (and a festive goat cheese too).

Need a practical gift  that can travel this holiday season? Bring your gift list and a festive container  (or two) to market and fill it with some Maine made goodness. In it you could put: maple syrup, chutney, jam, pickles, honey, bees wax hand cream, goat milk soap, blueberry tea, a hand carved kitchen utensil, a nicely sharpened re-gifted pair of garden shears (Ace of Blades can do the sharpening), a skein of wool and felted bar of soap, a catnip “wharf rat” for the cat, hand made felted ornaments… maybe even a wreath for the door.

With Thanksgiving over we can start talking about Christmas and all those other year end holidays.  The members of the Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market offer Maine made farm-crafts in addition to the usual vegetables, cheeses, meats and baked goods you expect to find at farmers markets. Check it out. Only twenty days left until Christmas!

Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market is open through March, every Friday 9am to 1pm in the greenhouse at Aubuchon Hardware, 231 Northport Avenue (Route 1 southwest of downtown) Belfast, Maine. NOTE: Closed the Friday after Christmas, so please plan ahead.

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