Market Continues Year Round

It may be Common Ground Fair weekend already, but we want to remind you that our market goes year round, moving indoors on November 4th. Until then, enjoy the gorgeous fall weather at our summer location in the yard at Waterfall Arts, 256 High Street, Belfast. Every Friday 9 am to 1 pm.

This week’s market will be a bit smaller due to many of our members selling at the Common Ground Fair. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty to choose from, and the missing members will return next week.

Here’s a tour of a tiny bit of last week’s bounty.



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Belfast Farmers’ Market News

Hydrangea at Carol's CollectiblesCarol’s Fantastic Road Show – One More Act

Carol Yee is taking Carol’s Fantastic Road Show back on the road for one more act and will be at Market this Friday, September 15. She promises a colorful show of what’s hot right now for your fall garden. Carol reports, “Fall is the best time to  plant. There’s so much in color here at the nursery right now I just have to share it with my regular customers at Market.” Many plants are on sale.

Carol’s Collectibles is open at the Nursery through the fall. Check her website for info and hours:

Market continues year round, outdoors at Waterfall Arts, 25 High Street, Belfast through October, then moves indoors to Aubuchon Hardware for the winter.

Half Moon Farm is Back

John Spinney CarvingsSandy and John Spinney are back at Market after a brief break. You can once again purchase their jams, pickles, jellies and chutney along with an assortment of responsibly grown produce, Chinese lanterns and John’s hand carved kitchen utensils.

wild Maine blueberries from Burke Hill FarmOne More Week of Wild Maine Blueberries

Ben Perrin, Burke Hill Farm, “Didn’t think we’d make it another week, but the berries keep coming. We’ll be there.”

Headstrong Garlic Not at Market This Season

We’re sad to announce a crop failure at the storage phase this season. Headstrong will not be at Market in 2017.


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Feast Your Way Into Fall

We’re quite sure we have everything you need…Belfast Farmers’ Market continues every Friday, outdoors at Waterfall Arts, 256 High Street, through October.  In November, we move indoors to Aubuchon Hardware Greenhouse on Route 1.



Maple syrup for your pancakes, sausage, eggs, bread  and pastries for your breakfast,

Beef, pork, lamb, water buffalo, poultry and seafood for the grill,

Micro GreensGreens, cucumbers, potatoes, herbs, onions, carrots, tomatoes, micro greens, other veggies and pasta for your salad,

Wraps for anything you can imagine,

Honey for your tea and tea for your honey,

MushroomsMushrooms for your shish kebabs, sautes, salads and stir fries,

Humus, cheeses, seafood pâté, a huge assortment of veggies for crudites and bagels for fresh bagel chips and baguettes for your appetizers,

Sour Dough BreadBreads too numerous to mention for your soul, toast and sandwiches,

Yogurt for your fruit, smoothies and ooh so good to dollop onto those roasted beets,

Blueberries and blueberry sprinkles for your gelato and ice cream, which we also have,

And a huge assortment of sweet and savory baked goods for lunch, desert or just plain munching, both traditional and vegan/gluten free.

For those of you taking time off from messing around in the kitchen we offer chicken salad, smoked chicken,  gourmet ready-to-heat-and-serve meals, frozen chicken pies, a good assortment of frozen seafood dishes…not to mention just subsisting on goodies, cheese and bread and flowers.


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