Taste of the Market

Join us for a mini-feast on Friday, February 24 from 10am to 12noon.

The Belfast Farmers’ Market winter members will be offering tastes of the season.  Market boasts a full compote of locally produced and grown foodstuffs, year round in Belfast. The winter Market runs every Friday, 9am to 1pm at Aubuchon Hardware’s greenhouse, 231 Northport Avenue (Route 1). In April, market moves outdoors to 256 High Street in the yard at Waterfall Arts. The Belfast Farmers’ Market has been supplying the Belfast area with fresh, locally produced goods since 1980.

pea-shoots Dig Deep FarmWhile we’re not sure what the members are cooking up for Friday’s taste here is an incomplete list of the sorts of things you will find at Market in late winter:

Winter storage vegetables including potatoes, beets, carrots, onions and garlic
More vegetables such as cabbage, winter squash…some fresh greens any day
Cut to order pea shoots and other micros
Many varieties of cheese made from cow, goat, and water buffalo
Dairy products including yogurt and kefir
Fresh Maine seafood
Meats including veal, beef, water buffalo, poultry and sometimes lamb and pork
Ready to heat and serve foods including gourmet one serving meals, seafood and chicken pies
Baked goods including breads, bagels, hand pies, cookies, pastries
Wild Maine Blueberries and blueberry teas and barque
Crepes cooked to order fresh from the griddle
Value added foodstuff including honey, maple syrup products, jams, jellies and chutney
Farm crafts including hand carved utensils, goat milk soaps

hand carved utensils



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New Year, Gift Certificate Giveaway, All Winter Long

dig-deep-farmLet’s hope with the new year we’re all done with Thursday/Friday storms! Although a lot of members missed last week, market will be back to normal on Friday January 6, minus a few members who have wrapped things up until spring. You can read all the details in our latest email newsletter here.  To get our newsletter delivered to your inbox each week, fill out the subscription form at the end of this post [we don’t share this list with anyone else, and do use MailChimp for development and delivery]. It’s written weekly by Caitlin Hunter of Appleton Creamery, and much more up to date than our posts here.


We love our customers so much we’re giving away 17  $20 Gift Certificates – one for each Winter Market member’s products, and will be accepting entries and drawing a winner each week during Winter Market 2017, to be claimed the following Friday.

Here’s how it works:

Shop at Market each week  and stop at the EBT/CC/Info table by the main entrance where we’ll post which member’s Gift Certificate will be drawn that week (and once we get rolling–the winners’ names). Enter your name to win.  If you’re the winner, you’ll claim your $20 Gift Certificate when you shop the following week.

Remember, to learn if you’re the lucky winner, shop at Market the following week and see if your name is on the winners’ list, then claim your $20 Gift Certificate . If you can’t get to Market, send a friend who knows you entered and they can claim it for you.

You can use the whole gift certificate to purchase the designated member’s products on the day you claim it or use it incrementally each time you shop. The issuing member will  keep track of what you have spent. All Gift Certificates  expire on May 26, 2017.

Repeat each week!
Stop at the table. Enter your name.  Check the winners’ list for the previous week’s drawing. Claim your $20 Gift Certificate and go shopping!

If you have any questions, please see Tom, the Pemaquid Seafood guy, or Theresa, the Highland Organics® Blueberry lady.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside but We’re Still Here


There is still time to enter your name up until the end of Market today. Our thank-you gift basket will be loaded with produce and other goods from each of our participating members. Pickup of the Gift Basket will be on December 23. We’ll call and let you know that you are the lucky winner. Stop by the  Information SNAP/EBT/CREDIT-DEBIT table by the main entrance to enter.


Plymouth Pond Bakery

Today is the last Market before Christmas for Plymouth Pond Bakery, so plan ahead. They will return after the holiday.

Two more Market days until Christmas. Learn all about what’s new and what’s happening by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, published by Caitlin Hunter, Appleton Creamery, every Thursday–straight to your inbox. Sign-up on the right sidebar of this page. You can read this week’s issue here.


In addition to all that healthy and delicious locally raised produce from New Beat Farm, Dig Deep Farm and Peacemeal Farm, Market offers a good selection of value added foodstuffs like dried mushrooms from Bramble Hill, Highland Organics® Blueberry Teas and Barque, Honey from Gardiner’s Honey and Pollination, Maple Syrup from Freyenhagen Family Farm, Jams, Pickles & Chutney from Half Moon Farm,  and a large assortment of thoughtfully baked goods from Enchanted Kitchen at Firefly Farm and Plymouth Pond Bakery. We have meats from Springdale Farm, Meadowsweet Farm, Maine-ly Poultry, ME Water Buffalo Co. and  seafood from Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood.  Toddy Pond Farm, Appleton Creamery, ME Water Buffalo and Springdale Farm offer cheese and  other dairy products.

hand carved utensils & felted ornaments

Don’t Forget the Cat. Catnip Wharf Rats are back

FARM CRAFTS– John Spinney of Half Moon Farm offers his hand carved utensils, Andrea Smith of Brae Maple Farm has hand felted ornaments and catnip toys, Appleton Creamery offers Sister’s Soap (goat milk).

hand carved utensils

Hand Carved Utensils from Half Moon Farm

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