Endless Possibilities for Tonight’s Dinner

high-bush-blueberriesOr lunch or breakfast or mid-day snack! Market is  bursting with choices in late July. Raspberries in many colors and flavors, blueberries  both wild  (we hope this week) and high bush, seafood, lamb, pork, veal, beef, water buffalo, chicken, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, beets, broccoli, squash, mushrooms, onions, kale, salad greens and lettuce by the bushel, carrots, cucumbers (picklers too), beans, more each week.

raspberry-jellyFor those of you who want to chill and tread lightly in the kitchen,  there are gourmet ready to heat and serve meals, frozen seafood and chicken dishes, hand pies, and well, ice cream too. Maybe put some of those fresh berries over some ice cream and call it a meal.

Then there is cow, goat and water buffalo cheese in many iterations,  yogurt, and baked goods from five bakers including gluten-free and vegan, crackers, sour dough baguettes to croissants and lavender shortbread just to name a few yummy carbs. Let’s not forget the chutney, jams, jellies, pickles, sauerkraut, humus, honey and maple syrup. Yogurt or kefir anyone?


Season it up with fresh basil, parsley, dill, cilantro, and garlic fresh from the field. You might even find some spare thyme. Maybe roast some of that garlic over the grill. Plenty of flowers for the table. Crêpes fresh from the griddle while you work out your menu.




Scot Cannon is performing this week, weather permitting. We need the rain but we’re hoping it holds off ’till 2 o’clock, Scott’s music is a natural fit with market day.


Eric makes sauerkraut. Find it at Good Food/Monroe Cheese Studio

Kid’s Club is ongoing through August. Check that out.

Belfast Art Market is running concurrently. Plenty of parking on Waldo Avenue (Rt 137) over by the high school. You can walk through the gate behind the backstop.


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Open Farm Day, Sunday July 24

Several of our member’s farms will be open to the public for Maine’s Open Farm Day. It’s an opportunity to get acquainted with the farming side of your farmers’ market experience. Here’s a link to Get Real, Get Maine’s pdf of all participating farms. Our roster of participating members:

Appleton Creamery, Appleton
Brae Maple Farm, Union
ME Water Buffalo Co., Appleton
Toddy Pond Farm, Monroe
Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery, Union

Read more about these open farms in our current NEWSLETTER. You can sign up to receive the newsletter by email weekly using the link in the right sidebar.

Brae Maple Farm in Union does Open Farm Day up big. Here’s what they are offering this year:

Braae Maple Farm donkeys

• Enjoy Andrea & Allan Smith’s MOFGA certified market gardens and their donkeys – Chester, Lilac & Cristabelle.
• See demos by wood turners, spinners, bee keepers, a potter and a plein air painter, and listen to music by Playin’ Possum.
• Learn with Master Gardener Volunteers about grow- ing vegetables, composting & companion planting, and visit their Heritage, Medicine Wheel, and Dying & Drying Gardens.
• Children can make fairy houses, and refreshments will include home made herbal teas and cookies with recipes.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC JULY 24, 10am to 3pm at 233 North Union Road, Union, Maine

Jennifer Armstrong is performing at market Friday July 22

Jennifer Armstrong

Photo courtesy Jennifer Armstrong

In Case the Heat Gets You Down While At Market

Here’s some cooling blueberry lemonade from Highland Organics®. Nothin’ better to chill those heat demons.

Blueberry Lemonade

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Plenty Going on at Market and in Belfast

Market in JuneThis is a block buster weekend in Belfast. Entertainment at market on Friday, July 15 is by local fiddler Audrey Budington and Pepin Mittelhauser. You may have heard Audrey play at market over the years, most often with Clayton Clemetson & Audrey Budington–Bound to be lovely music.

At Market, we have Kids Club. In the yard at Waterfall Arts is Belfast Art Market, and about town starting today is the Maine Celtic Celebration on the waterfront, which runs through Sunday. Then there is the wonderful Harbor Walk and Memorial Footbridge to take in. Always cooler in Belfast, in every way.

Waterfall ArtsAs always, Waterfall Arts gallery exhibits are open to the public. Today is the last day for A Sense of Place/El Sentido del Lugar  May 27 – July 15.
Find listings of Waterfall Arts current exhibits, including this one, HERE.You still have time to check it out.

Kids Club at the Belfast Farmers’ Market

If the kid action at the Appleton Creamery booth is any indication, the Kids Club is attracting quite a bit of interest with the younger set (and their parents). Look for signs posted on the booths of members who are participating. Here’s a message from Beth Chamberlain, SNAP Educator for Waldo County:

Come check out the Kid’s Club at the Belfast Farmers Market! Kids learn about local foods available at the market, participate in taste testing and chatting with local farmers. They also participate in a nutrition lesson and craft activities. Join Beth Chamberlain, SNAP Educator for Waldo County for some fun at the market every Friday through August 26th, from 9 to noon.

Wow purple kohlrabi

I know I posted this one in last week’s news, but the beauty of these vegetables still amazes me, and I simply wanted to share it again! Here’s a good article about what to do with Kohlrabi on bon apétite:

• Yes, You Can Eat That: How to Cook With Kohlrabi From the Market

Sauerkraut from Monroe Cheese Studio/Good Food

Monroe-Cheese-Studio-EricBelfast Farmers’ Market now offers fermented vegetables with Eric’s newest addition of sauerkraut, both plain and caraway (and maybe more I don’t know about). Eric also makes and sells cheese, yogurt, sourdough bread and rolls. You have to shop early to get that cheese! It’s popular.

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