August Blues, Reds and Greens

new-beat-flowersI don’t know about you but when I see that goldenrod and the early asters come into bloom I get a little sad because it means summer is sliding by at an alarming rate. Then I remember that from late August to October is the best time for variety in fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables at the Belfast Farmers’ Market. The twenty plus members offer everything from cucumbers to new potatoes, salad greens to sweet corn, peaches to blueberries and raspberries too;  the cut flowers are superb in late summer.

Fire Flower Gardens bouquetsBarb from Fire Flower Garden says dahlias are the thing this week. Remember those ugly tubers from early this spring? They’ve grown into luscious long lasting blooms in all hues. Fire Flower also makes edible bouquets for fun or garnishing, (no dahlias included).

In addition the the pick-me-up of cut flowers, you will find pickles, jams and chutneys made with this season’s bounty and all those staples: baked goods, seafood, meats, cheese and dairy. Did I mention maple syrup and honey? What about locally produced teas? Ready to heat and serve food? Yup. It’s all there.

Late Summer Means…

parsleyMelons, eggplant, tomatoes of all sizes and shapes, peppers–red, green, hot and sweet, garlic, onions, oodles of berries and peaches too, sweet corn, early potatoes, don’t forget the greens–too many to list. Herbs. Yes, fresh cut herbs.

Basil Chevre from Appleton Creamery

Speaking of herbs, late August  means that Appleton Cremery‘s Chevre in Oil with  Basil Pesto is fleeting. Caitlin and her apprentices only make it while basil is fresh and in abundant supply, and that means through August. It freezes well, so stock up and pop a few extras in the freezer for a taste of Summer in November…

Grab Something Yummy While You Listen

Enchanted Kitchen HumusCatch the great vibe from the strings of   Frets Halligan and grab a whole grain baguette and slather it with humus, or cheese, or get some yogurt and toss a handful of those antioxidant rich blueberries on top, chill with a popsicle, ice cream sandwich or push pop. Quench your thirst with lemonade and indulge in a pudding cake or a gluten free whoopie pie. Explore the possibilities for lunch at market.  Market supplies the picnic tables, you bring the appetite and a date.

Word is that Chef Frank Giglio might be at market giving another of his interesting food demos, but Frank has been mighty busy lately and has not confirmed the date with this editor.


Del, Mildel OrchardA while back Del of Mildel  Farm Apples had high bush blueberries, along with Hubbard Brook and Half Moon Farms.  Can early Macs and pears be far off?

Certified Organic Wild Maine blueberries in pints and 5# freezer boxes are available from Burke Hill Farm throughout their harvest season.

A while back Kevin, Hubbard Brook Farm & Baskets, said he’d have raspberries and peaches thorough August, or while they last! Yum. Get in line, I’m right in front of you.

Hubbrad Brook berries

A Feast For the Eyes as Well as the Palate!


peacemeal-garlichalf-moon-chutneysweet-corn Hubbard Brook Farmpeaches


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Organic Wild Maine Blueberries, Weather Permitting

Burke Hill Farm

Burke Hill Farm

The news from Burke Hill Farm is that fresh picked, organically grown wild Maine blueberries will be available at market beginning Friday, August 7, so long as the picking weather cooperates. Let Burke Hill do all the work for you.  Your job is to figure out the hundred ways to enjoy wild Maine blueberries.

Burke Hill berry boxes contain the yummiest wild Maine blueberries I’ve ever tasted. I just pop a couple of their 10# waxed interior boxes right into my freezer for a taste of August in deep winter. I do put a piece of waxed paper over the top to keep those annoying ice crystals from forming around the top layer of berries.

Growing up, my sister and I used to compete to see who could eat the most ears of corn and blueberry muffins during family cookouts.  We stacked up the muffin papers and eaten ears and had a big count-off at the end of the meal.  Fond memory. Reminds me that butter and sugar corn was a “controversial new thing” back then, and my mother was an early advocate. Seems impossible that it was ever an item of suspicion. Nothing goes better together than lobster,  corn on the cob steamed in the husk over the barbecue and fresh blueberry muffins.

Here is my mother’s recipe for blueberry muffins. I have never been able to make a batch that tasted just like hers but they’re still mighty yummy. She must have had a secret ingredient that can’t be passed down.

Frankie’s Blueberry Muffins

1 c. sugar
2 c. flour
4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 c. milk
1 egg
2 c. blueberries mixed with 1/2 c. flour
1/4 c. melted butter
1/2 tsp salt

Mix all together adding  blueberries last. Bake at 350 until just turning golden on top. Maybe  30 minutes. Ma always used paper liners in her muffin tin. I think this makes about 18 standard sized muffins.

Speaking of Lobster

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

Pemaquid Lobster and Seafood announced that this week they will be shifting from picked crab meat to fresh picked lobster.  Here’s a snippet from their newsletter item ( you really should subscribe, it’s easy, the form is in the right sidebar):

…replacing fresh picked crabmeat with lobster meat picked by hand at our facility in New Harbor. In addition. we are expecting landings of fresh Atlantic Halibut and swordfish in time for the markets. Always cut to order.

Speaking of Blue

Appleton Creamery Blue RibbonA hearty congratulations goes out to Caitlin Hunter, Appleton Creamery. Her Chèvre in Olive Oil has won yet another Blue Ribbon at the American Cheese Society (ACS) annual conference which was held last week in Providence, RI. Appleton Creamery has a whole slew of ribbons to their credit. You can see a listing on their website, and of course, purchase their award winning cheeses at market throughout the year.

More Member News

Carol's CollectiblesCarol Yee, Carol’s Collectibles will be at market this Friday. She will be featuring fall blooming hydrangea, which she says are coming into bloom early this year. If you’ve never been out to Carol’s in Swanville, I encourage you to visit. It’s easy to find and the variety of nursery stock and perennials is astonishing.

Willow Baskets

Fire Flower Garden willow basketsLast week I spotted these hand made willow baskets at Fire Flower Garden’s booth. They grow basket willow and Barb’s husband Charlie is the basket maker. You can’t get much more Maine-made than that!

While we’re on handcrafts. The Belfast Art Market (BAM) runs concurrently with the Belfast Farmers’ Market during the summer months. Check it out. Twenty plus artists and craftspeople from the area will be there selling their wares in the front yard of Waterfall Arts.

Belfast Bay Fiddlers

Back again this week is the local group of talented musicians that comprise the Belfast Bay Fiddlers. Their music seems made for an open air market, sort of a throwback to the old days when market day was also a day of celebration. I guess it still is in Belfast, Maine.

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A Local Farm Needs a Hand

Misty Brook Farm in Albion Maine is not a member of Belfast Farmers’ Market, but they are a member of the local farming community, and they need your help. On July 28th, their farm was devastated by a micro burst that caused extensive damage to their buildings, crops, pastures and poultry. Although they are insured, their deductibles are significant, and some of the damage to their farm is not covered.  You can read their heart breaking story on their website.

Please consider making a donation to help them get their farm back up and ready for winter. You can learn more about how to help using the link above and through their Facebook page.

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