Maine Made Gifts

Hand made from Belfast Farmers Market

A  Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market montage of some Maine made gift items that will travel well (and a festive goat cheese too).

Need a practical gift  that can travel this holiday season? Bring your gift list and a festive container  (or two) to market and fill it with some Maine made goodness. In it you could put: maple syrup, chutney, jam, pickles, honey, bees wax hand cream, goat milk soap, blueberry tea, a hand carved kitchen utensil, a nicely sharpened re-gifted pair of garden shears (Ace of Blades can do the sharpening), a skein of wool and felted bar of soap, a catnip “wharf rat” for the cat, hand made felted ornaments… maybe even a wreath for the door.

With Thanksgiving over we can start talking about Christmas and all those other year end holidays.  The members of the Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market offer Maine made farm-crafts in addition to the usual vegetables, cheeses, meats and baked goods you expect to find at farmers markets. Check it out. Only twenty days left until Christmas!

Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market is open through March, every Friday 9am to 1pm in the greenhouse at Aubuchon Hardware, 231 Northport Avenue (Route 1 southwest of downtown) Belfast, Maine. NOTE: Closed the Friday after Christmas, so please plan ahead.

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You can get everything you want at…

No, no, no– not at Alice’s Restaurant. You can get it right here close to home at Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market. Plan to provision your holiday locally. Maybe you need some of that cranberry chutney, goat, cow or water buffalo cheese for an appetizer, sweet or savory baked goods syrup and honey for the morning before and after, vegan treats. You can procure all your meat and produce needs  for the feast or maybe you even need to get your carving knife sharpened… Meanwhile, sharpen up that pencil and get your shopping list written. (No doubt you’re also going to discover something delicious that you didn’t know you needed.)  Friday is the day.

Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market is open every Friday 9am to 1pm in the greenhouse at Aubuchon Hardware, 231 Northport Avenue (Route 1 southwest of downtown) Belfast, Maine. NOTE: Closed the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas, so please plan ahead.

Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.
— Edward Sandford Martin

I stole this quote from the market’s newsletter this week.

Thanksgiving Newsletter

Today, as an honest (wo)man, I’m directing some thanks to Caitlin Hunter of Appleton Creamery who makes time in her hectic cheese-making, market selling and goat tending schedule to compile and distribute a weekly compendium of news snippets provided by members of the Belfast Farmers’ Market.

Newsletters include notices of products at market (or not at market) and often timely recipes and information relating to what’s in season. You may subscribe by using the link in the right sidebar of this page. BTW, The Belfast Farmers’ Market uses industry standard MailChimp to maintain and distribute the newsletter. You can read the back issues here.

You can also find us on Facebook.


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A Feast for the Eyes (and belly too!)

Plymouth Pond focaccia

Plymouth Pond’s newest delight–Focaccia at Winter Market, Belfast , Maine

Roaming around the  Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market in the greenhouse at Aubuchon Hardware in Belfast Maine last Friday was a feast for the eyes, as you’ll see here–but it was more than that. What words and these photos can’t capture is the aroma of crepes cooking on Enchanted Kitchen’s hot griddle, the sweetness of orange blossoms from Plymouth Pond’s pastries, the subtle musk of cole crops, potatoes dusty with rich Maine soil, or the whiff of Brussels sprouts on stems easily a meter long.  Ah,  and the unforgettable experience of inhaling fresh cheese.

turnips and cabbage

Turnips and red cabbage from New Beat Farm at Belfast Winter Market

On this page you can’t hear the sound of rain falling on the roof while we shoppers hung out with our favorite vendors, cozy and dry, or the friendly chatter of customers as they greeted one another, or the giggling of small children. You can’t hear the oohs and ahs of delight as people found exactly what they were looking for, or bit into a hot crepe, or the conversations about what will be available for Thanksgiving dinner.

You simply must go check it out for yourself.

Market offers more than fresh food.

Many members offer value added items and farm crafts that make great gifts for you or someone you know. You’ll find toys for the cat, ornaments, wreaths, goat milk soap, tea and other blueberry products, jams, pickles and chutney and hand carved wooden utensils along with honey and beeswax offerings, and maple syrup and sugar products–all made right here in Maine.

Maine farm crafts

A few of the locally made Maine farm crafts and value added foodstuff available at the Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market

Ace of Blades

Bring you knives, scissors, garden tools and don’t forget your pocket knife. This sharpening service is superb.

Again this winter, Ace of Blades will be ready to sharpen those precious tools, be they scissors, knives or your favorite pruning shears.

Confirmed to be at market:
Appleton Creamery, Brae Maple Farm, Delmar Farm (while apples last), Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm, Freyenhagen Farm, Gardiner’s Honey, Half Moon Farm, Highland Organics Blueberries, Maine-ly Poultry, ME Water Buffalo Co., Meadowsweet Farm, New Beat Farm, Peacemeal Farm, Peamquid Lobster & Seafood, Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery, Sol Farm, Springdale Farm, Suecakes!, The Maine Meal

You may read more about each of these members on our Meet the Member’s page. Check our Facebook page for timely updates. Sign up for our Newsletter using the form on the right sidebar.

Take a  tour of the Belfast Farmers’ Winter Market. Click any image to start the enlargement viewer.

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