Friday June 26 Updates

newsletterWhy not have the latest market updates delivered straight to your inbox? Each Thursday Caitlin Hunter, Appleton Creamery, gathers news provided by the Belfast Farmers’ Market members and sends it on its way so you will know what’s new, who won’t be at market and what the week’s entertainment will be, along with other pertinent news items.

Strawberries are in!

Sweet Henry's Sttawberry Cake

Sweet Henry’s Fresh Strawberry Cake at Market on June 19th.

Hubbard Brook Farm and Baskets had berries last Friday and New Beat Farm is pleased to announce they will have MOFGA certified strawberries and lamb sausage this week.

Members who report they will not be at Market this Week: Monroe Cheese Studio, No Crepes but Enchanted Kitchen will be there with all the usual baked goods.

 Jennifer Armstrong at Market

Jennifer Armstrong

Photo courtesy Jennifer Armstrong

Local musician and roving fiddler Jennifer Armstrong will be performing Friday. Bring the kids. She has a special way with children and music.




suecakes! will have LOTS of options and yummy treats – sweets and savory. Samosas are back! As well as coconut-almond bars with suemade rhubarb jam, donuts, whoopie pies, beet chai-spiced bread, and savory vegetable tarts with local ingredients…. Just to name a few. See you on Friday!

Sweet Henry's lemonadeChill.

Appleton Creamery Torte for the 4thMaine Meal Popsicles

Celebrate summer with something cold while you shop. You can find blueberry chaga tea from Highland Organics, Lemonade from Sweet Henry’s, popsicles from Maine Meal and ice cream from Toddy Pond Farm.

Here’s something really cool: Red White and Blue appleton-coldpackTorte for the Fourth of July from Appleton Creamery. Keep your cheese cold with an Appleton Creamery cold pack.


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Chef Frank Giglio Food Demo Report

ME Water Buffalo tenderloin

Chef Frank Giglio prepares a ME Water Buffalo tenderloin during his cooking demo on June 19th.

To say that Chef Frank Giglio is passionate about farm fresh food is an understatement–he’s a man who has found his calling. Giglio whipped up a tasty medley of local food in season last Friday, and was generous in his banter with the appreciative public, who got to sample his results. The recipes from last week’s demo are at the end of this post, and the ingredients await you at this Friday’s market.

The Belfast Farmers’ Market is pleased to spotlight this local catering chef’s skills and ideas on fresh local food preparation. Catch his demos on the third Friday of each month. Next date is July 15. See our Events Page for additional dates.  Better yet, SUBSCRIBE–Remember, you can get a reminder and then Frank’s recipes by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, delivered to your inbox each Thursday. Use the sign up on right sidebar.

Chef Frank Giglio at MarketChef Giglio began with  a tour around market to see what was available and ended with a Spring Green Pesto (no basil in this one, only the taste of spring) served on fresh cucumber slices and  ME Water Buffalo Tenderloin with Sweet & Sour Radish Slaw. I can attest to the refreshing straight-from-the-earth  taste of these imaginative creations. The water buffalo, seasoned with sea salt,  was superbly tender and was reminiscent of beef  my mother used to serve in the days when the guy at the red & white hung our side of beef in his cooler and butchered out cuts as my mother needed them. Yum.

Chef Frank Giglio's Radish Slaw

Chef Frank Giglio’s Sweet & Sour Radish Slaw

Giglio is an enthusiastic advocate of the Farm to Table movement and believes that we should be eating what’s in season and locally available year round. The closer to home the better. He practices what he preaches, having a homestead,  Three Lily Farm , in Thorndike. With that in mind, he also suggests that we don’t need to get too hung up with fancy recipes that require us to run to the grocery store for special or exotic ingredients. We should look at what we have on hand and improvise, and if we don’t have our own garden, head to the nearest farmers market or farm stand.

You can learn more about his catering business on Frank’s website.

Here are the recipes he came up with on June 19th. Don’t forget that if you don’t have everything on the ingredient list,  you can try out your own variation on this theme. I’m sure Frank would be pleased.

Spring Green Pesto

1 cup toasted almonds
2 garlic cloves or garlic scapes
4 cups spring greens beet greens + radish tops from New Beat Farm, Lacinato kale from Sol Farm
1/2 cup olive oil
Maine sea salt, to taste
To serve:
kohlrabi and cucumbers from Peacemeal Farm

Place the garlic and almonds and a few teaspoons of sea salt in a food processor and pulse to chop. Scrape the sides with a rubber spatula then add the greens. Process again while slowly drizzling in the olive oil. Run until the mixture is well pureed. For a thinner consistency, you can use water or more olive oil to reach desired consistency. Taste, season, and serve with sliced raw cucumber and kohlrabi slices.

Water Buffalo w/ Sweet & Sour Radish Slaw

2 water buffalo steaks from Maine Water Buffalo Co.
1 bunch radishes from New Beat Farm
1 medium sized stalk of rhubarb
1/2 kohlrabi from Peacemeal Farm
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon local honey
3-4 tablespoons olive oil
Maine sea salt to taste
2 tablespoons chopped chives

Season the steaks well with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Heat a small skillet over medium high with a few tablespoons of rendered lard, ghee, or butter. Add the steaks and cook for 2-3 minutes per side until well browned.

While the steaks cook, prepare the slaw. Thinly slice the radishes, kohlrabi, and rhubarb then stir in the remaining ingredients. Taste, adjust seasonings, then let stand for 5 minutes before serving.

When the steak is cooked to preferred doneness, let rest on the cutting board for a few minutes before slicing against the grain.

Serve topped with the slaw and enjoy!

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Celebrate Summer with a Fathers Day Feast

Everything you need to cook Pop a healthy local breakfast, lunch or dinner can be found at Market.

pemaquid-shellfishFor a quick rundown on meat and seafood options for the grill, or not, check out this post or our Meet the Members page.  You can find everything from oysters to lamb chops and the choice of sausages is mind boggling not to mention mouth watering.

Meat & Seafood: Maine-ly Poultry, Toddy Pond Farm, Springdale Farm, ME Water Buffalo Co, New Beat Farm, Meadowsweet Farm and Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood.

Looking for dairy? We have you covered with goat, cow and water buffalo cheeses, yogurt, goat milk and even ice cream.

Dairy & Eggs: Appleton Creamery, ME Water Buffalo Co, Maine-ly Poultry, Toddy Pond Farm, Monroe Cheese Studio.

Clayton & Willy Clemetson

Highland Organics Blueberry TeaWhile you shop for your special menu this Friday, enjoy keyboard action by local musician Clayton Celmetson . Clayton has been also known to be accompanied by a fiddler or two.  You might want to eat an ice cream sandwich from Toddy Pond, or suck on a popsicle from Maine Meal while you pause to take in the rich sounds and contemplate Maine’s bounty, and celebrate these longest days of the year. Maybe you want to have a late breakfast or early lunch? Order up a hot crepe or grab some cheese, yogurt or any number of other goodies and park yourself at a picnic table. Guzzle some blueberry tea from Highland Organics®.

Need an idea of something fabulous to prepare for Pop? Also at Market this Friday will be Chef Frank Giglio  doing a cooking demo with what’s in season. Giglio is giving these cooking demos on the third Friday of each month during the summer season.

plymouth-pond bakeryBreakfast in bed for Dad? We have the sausages to go with that French toast, and you can no doubt find his favorite flavor of bread right at market, and top it off with some Maine maple syrup from Freyenhagen Family Farm or honey from Gardiners’ Honey & Pollination. Market offers a cornucopia of sweets and breads along with gluten free sweet and savories and other yummy stuff.  You have a choice of brsuecakes-signead from three members, and forget about counting calories when you choose something divine for desert from  Sweet Henry’s. Then again, you can get seriously health conscious with  gluten free or vegan  treats from Suecakes! Crackers always available from Half Moon Farm.

Bakery: Suecakes!, Enchanted Kitchen at Firefly Farm, Monroe Cheese Studio, Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery, Sweet Henry’s, Half Moon Farm.

Honey & Syrup: Freyenhagen Family Farm, Gardiners’ Honey

Ice Cream: Toddy Pond Farm, popsicles from Maine Meal.


half-moon-mintJazz it up with something tasty. Chutney, jams, jellies, blueberry barque and sprinkles, pickles, hot pepper powder are all usually available year round.

Condiments: Half Moon Farm, Hubbard Brook Farm, Highland Organics®

Garnish that meal with a snippet  off your herb seedlings from Brae Maple Farm or Peacemeal farm. In season, many members offer herbs by the bunch. I’m sure I saw mint at Half Moon Farm last week, and there were edible bouquets from Fire Flower Gardens.

new-beat-lettuceVegetables, of course. Belfast Farmers’ Market offers a full choice of freshly harvested local produce and fruit in season, as it becomes available. You won’t find produce at this market that is bought and sold. New Beat Farm announced this week in the market newsletter (you can sign up on the right sidebar) that they will have their first crop of, you guessed it, new beets this Friday. Marcia at Peacemeal tolsol-farmd me she expects to have asparagus through June, but you have to get to market by 9 to get any. It goes fast.

With the longest days of the year comes a weekly increase in veggies. In a quick run through market last week I saw  an empty box where asparagus had been, head lettuce, baby greens mix, spinach, bunched greens, radishes, arugula, bok choy, oodles of seedlings. I know I missed a lot, but you get the picture.

Produce: Sol Farm, Peacemeal Farm, Hubbard Brook Farm & Baskets, New Beat Farm, Freyenhagen Family Farm, Half Moon Farm.

Savage Oakes VineyardDon’t forget the wine! Award winning Savage Oakes Vineyard and Winery has an assortment of wines to suit any palate. Congratulations to Savage Oakes for being named  Readers’ Choice Best winery in Down East magazine’s annual poll of reader and editor favorites, featured in the July issue. Thousands of Down East readers voted January through April for their favorite statewide selections and Savage Oakes was chosen top in its category.

…and cut flowers for the table. Check out Fire Flower Gardens for a local bouquet.

maine-mealLet someone else do the cooking. Maine Meal offers a menu of frozen heat and serve gourmet meal items from soup to lasagne. Just drop the sealed pouches into boiling water.  Maine-ly Poultry has chicken pies and soup, and Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood offers fish & salmon burgers, crab cakes, chowder, casseroles, quiche, bisque, Scallop Casserole, lobster pie, and English fish pie (though maybe not every item every Friday).

Hubbard-brook farmIf you’re looking for a gift, market has  a lot to offer. Why not plant something for Father. Carol’s Collectilbes has a virtual botanical garden for sale through July, seasonal member Brae Maple Farm offers a huge assortment of annual and perennial herbs and seedlings, Fire Flower Gardens sells tried and true field grown  perennials along with cut flowers and Barbara Walch pottery  and Hubbard Brook Farm often has seedlings along with Diane’s line of hand made baskets. You could always just buy one good-karma-skeinsof those and fill it up right there at market. Half Moon Farm makes interesting wreaths for sale using found materials and Maine grown items like hot peppers and John Spinney’s hand carved utensils would make a superb one of-a-kind gift for Dad, or anyone else…

Does Dad knit? Check out Good Karma Farm’s line of  yarns. Plan ahead for next year.

Plants & Seedlings: Carol’s Collectibles, Brae Maple Farm, Fire Flower Gardens, Hubbard Brook Farm & Baskets

Belfast Art Market is running concurrently  with the Belfast Farmers’ Market in Waterfall Arts front yard. (Art Market is privately managed and not affiliated with Belfast Farmers Market)  There might be something there for Dad too.


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